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All the menus include  Rice, Salad and Raita (Yoghurt with vegetables). All prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF) per person
These menus can always be mixed and matched. Feel free to contact us if some clarifications are required. To select a main course or a starter please go to the corresponding page.

Menu I__Menu II__Menu III
1 Vegetarian Dish1 Vegetarian Dish1 Starter
Dal1 Chicken or Lamb Curry1 Vegetarian Dish
1 Chicken or Lamb Curry
Cost: CHF 16.-Cost: CHF 22.-Cost: CHF 25.-

Chapatis (Home made Indian bread) can be ordered at CHF 1.- per piece

Menu IV__Menu V__Menu VI
1 Starter1 Starter2 Starter
2 Vegetarian Dishes2 Vegetarian Dishes2 Vegetarian Dishes
1 Chicken or Lamb Curry1 Chicken or Lamb Curry2 Chicken or Lamb Curry
Cost: CHF 30.-Cost: CHF 35.-Cost: CHF 40.-